Welcome! I’m the West LA Birth Doula

Hi there! My name is Leica Jones and I am the West LA Birth Doula, servicing the Los Angeles West Side, Culver City and Santa Monica. As a birth doula, I aim to help you feel supported leading up to, during and after your birth, so that you, in turn, can replace fear and anxiety with knowledge and confidence. My goal for every birth is to enable the birthing person and anyone who partners with them in their birth journey to come away from this unforgettable time with feelings of strength and empowerment, as well as positive memories of this sacred experience that you will cherish forever.


“My family and I had a fantastic experience working with Leica for the birth of our first baby. During my search for a doula I knew I needed someone who was knowledgeable, organized and caring. Leica met all of those needs and exceeded all of my expectations. Her personality was calm and also reassuring when I needed it most…” – Lourdes

“Leica helped me break down a lot of mental barriers I had. This was my second pregnancy and I had a lot of negative emotional baggage from my first child. We had conversations that helped me release a lot of anxiety and fear I had attached to birth. She taught me how to make informed decisions and how to be prepared for things to go differently than I anticipated. I created a birth plan, but almost nothing from that birth plan took place. My husband and I could have easily panicked, however, with our preparation we had with Leica, we felt at peace with the new plan that was taking place.” – Bekka

“Leica was a wonderful doula! …She was very responsive and helpful when I reached out to her over text each time I had an episode of prodromal labor. During labor, she was again a source of information, encouragement and physical support to myself and my husband as I labored and delivered without pain medication. She’s very good at giving specific praise and made me feel so good about myself! I would definitely recommend her as a doula to anyone who is looking for additional support in labor, regardless of your plans to have a medicated or unmedicated birth.” – Ana-Lisa

I had a wonderful experience with Leica and will forever be grateful for her support!…I loved her knowledge and dedication. I felt very supported and encouraged. The two meet ups before labor eased all my worries and I began to feel really excited to meet my daughter… I highly recommend Leica if you are feeling apprehensive about your upcoming labor and delivery.” – Christine

“Leica was AMAZING…¬†She fully supported any decision I made for my birth and I really appreciated that.¬†Leica was also great about including my husband in the entire process and didn’t make it feel like she was taking over for him, but made sure he was actively involved and engaged…I’m so so grateful that she was there for the birth of my baby girl. I couldn’t imagine having a better doula.” – Clare

What makes for a positive birth experience?

In my work supporting birthing persons, I have found that there are three needs that must be met:

  1. You need to feel supported & safe throughout the entirety of this experience
  2. You need to understand the process and have a general idea of what to expect.
  3. You need to feel that you are an active participant in the decision making process and that you are being heard.

As a birth doula, I am there to help meet those needs.